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  • 藕汤

    自制藕汤,武汉洪湖特色 ^ ^

  • Provence Roasted Tomatoes

    Learn to cook 🍳

  • What values we could take to users?

    Nearly every customer asks me: what values it compares to xxx? It’s a real user question that everyone will ask, if we try to understand the user’s real question and try to stand at user’s position, we will know why. Maybe they have load from internal team, maybe they need to finish their own work, […]

  • How To Get On The Frontpage of Hacker News

    Write Something Worth Reading: You need to write something interesting. If you don’t, trying to get on the frontpage will be a waste of your time. Even if you manipulate and get upvotes, hacker news readers will rip you apart and you’ll wish you never got there. Send the link (//news.ycombinator.com/newest) to at least 20 […]

  • 舅爷


    舅爷是奶奶的哥哥,我从小到大听到很多次的就是:给“我”哥带点。家里菜摘得多了、家里买平常不会买的较为稀罕的东西时,奶奶会骑车或让家人开车送过去一些。 小时候每年我都会去舅爷家几次,他家有红薯窖,我还能记起小时候下窖前要用蜡烛试探一下的情景。 舅爷人很朴实,全家人都能很明显地感受到奶奶对舅爷是很好的,兄妹之间情谊很深,自然而然的,作为小辈的我们也对舅爷很亲。 今晚看到了江泽民同志逝世的消息后,想起今年读的《邓小平时代》以及小时候读到过的相关传记,我便给家里打电话说这件事,不曾想家人说舅爷今早也走了。其实听到这件消息时我心里是触动了一下的,紧接着我便安慰说人到了年纪终究会离开的,我们要继续过好现在。 打小我对死亡便离得很远,我很不喜欢这种事情,当然也没人喜欢。我接触这类事情不多,自有印象起:很小很小的时候姨奶奶离世,我在寄宿学校读书没有参加葬礼;大学时参与了一位年纪很大的姑爷的葬礼;再然后便是工作后姥爷离开。 我很庆幸在小的时候经历这样的事情很少,但随着逐渐长大,内心不断地告诉自己:身边的亲人年纪也在逐渐增大,这样的事情自己是避免不了的,因此我会通过照片、视频和声音把经历记录下来,这样可以传给下一代 ^ ^ 我们都很担心奶奶心情会很差,毕竟顶梁柱哥哥不在了。晚上我给家里打了许多个电话,好在家人们精神都不错,都能很快的从悲伤中走出来 ^ ^ 因为疫情管控,丧事必须减半,原本老家习惯三天后办事儿,如今当天便土葬了。 大学毕业后的几年,我也想过如果某一天自己不在了,我不希望朋友、亲人为我流泪,我希望 TA 们会因为认识我而感到开心 ^ ^ 希望自己在有能力的时候让 TA 们也幸福。

  • Go or Stay

    Today I was asked again to prepare go abroad (out of China) next year. Maybe most of early members and founders will come to different countries as well. It’s super cool to go abroad freely, but I’m not alone now, I have the new family. I need to make a decision on this: go or […]

  • Addicted to Work

    It’s hard to leave rest work until tomorrow for me, such case has been several years since 2015 🙂 Nearly everyone thinks I’m crazy and addicted to work, but some of them know I just enjoy working, and I am achieving high-level objectives, though it’s really sometimes tired, especially recently. Yesterday my girlfriend talked to […]

  • Use Keycloak with API Gateway to secure APIs

    OpenID Connect referred to as OIDC, is an authentication protocol based on the OAuth 2.0. It allows the client to obtain user information from the identity provider (IdP), e.g., Keycloak, Ory, Okta, Auth0, etc. The open-source API Gateway Apache APISIX supports using the openid-connect plugin to integrate with the above identity Providers. It will redirect […]

  • Things worth sharing over the 2 years of startup

    API7.ai is an open-source software company that delivers the most performance, security, and scalable platform for APIs and microservices. The story happened because of the open-source software Apache APISIX. Read more about my story with the Apache Software Foundation. In early 2020, Ming Wen invited me to join the company and start a business together, […]

  • How to use Gitpod to develop Apache APISIX?

    Background Use Gitpod as the Apache APISIX development and startup environment, which is convenient for new users to use, develop, and contribute. Terminology Apache APISIX A new generation of API gateways under the Apache Software Foundation, watch the video What’s API Gateway to learn more. ETCD The configuration storage center of Apache APISIX, which can […]

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