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I'm Zhiyuan Ju, Member of TheASF, PMC Member of Apache APISIX.
I'm involved in Apache APISIX to support community users and improve product since 2019. I'm also in charge of the Global Team at API7.ai, where we're committed to serving more than half of the world's API requests stably and reliably.

How to Find Great Business Ideas

Finding great business ideas can be tough, but it's not impossible. By solving your own problems, becoming more unique, starting from the problem, testing your ideas, and finding problems in your daily life, you can come up with unique and successful business ideas.

Demo’ing your products to audiences

Whether you're a marketer, SaaS founder, or product manager, having a cohesive workflow for successful demonstration of your product to audiences can help build trust and showcase its capabilities.

API Gateway: How to authenticate using LDAP?

LDAP provides secure access control based on user identity to prevent hacks and unauthorized access to systems. This post provides step-by-step instructions for setting up API7 Enterprise with LDAP authentication, including installing and configuring API7 Enterprise and OpenLDAP, and validating the setup. This blog also highlights common pitfalls to avoid when implementing an API Gateway with LDAP authentication.

Pillar Pages

Pillar pages are the foundation of your website. They are the pages that you want to rank for your most important keywords. The following items are from Lee Wilson.

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    Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Member
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    Head of Global
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    Apache Software Foundation
    Apache APISIX PMC Member
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    Core Organizer (China)
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