Zhenfang Han

Zhenfang Han and I both came to Wuhan in May 2022, he came because of work, and I came because of my girlfriend.

During the New Year’s Day holiday, we met to free talk today, and he chose Chaoshan beef hot pot every time, and was obsessed with salsa.

On New Year’s Day, he sent me a WeChat message that roughly meant thanks for the guidance in thought, which I read with some relief, and instead of talking about specific techniques every time I chatted with him, I would share my past experiences with him just for reference.

Zhenfang came to Shenzhen after the Spring Festival in 2022, and like Qi Guo, they were very close and both went to work for the Survey and Mapping Bureau after graduating from university. A few years after graduation, they both came to Shenzhen to learn Web technology because they couldn’t stand the constraints of traditional work, Qi Guo came in late 2020, and Zhenfang came in early 2022.

After half a year of learning Web technology, I encouraged Zhenfang to try to submit his resume. After two weeks after the interview, he worked for a bank outsourcing company in Shenzhen. Then he jumped to an outsourcing company in Hangzhou because of the salary, which was much higher than his technical experience (half a year of Web experience). By chance, I learned that a company in Wuhan was hiring, so I encouraged him to give it a try. He finally passed the interview at this company in Wuhan and has been working for half a year now. He is very grateful that I advised him to take a pay cut to come to this team in Wuhan.

The founding team of this company is quite impressive: they made a distribution based on Linux many years ago, called Deepin OS, which was very famous at that time. Then the team left Deepin for some reason and started their own business.

After joining the company, Zhenfang found that the team atmosphere was perfect, the technical atmosphere was awesome, and the team leader was very friendly. He was very happy to be able to work with such a team, and I was very happy to see him grow, and then I also gave him some advice:

  1. Chat with the team leader regularly: talk about what you have done and what you plan to do in the future; listen to the leader’s evaluation of yourself; how to fit in more closely with the team.

  2. Continue to be involved in an open-source community outside of your job.

  3. Continue to write blogs to record your experiences (technology, life, etc.): the reason why he can interview well with little experience is because he has been learning technology since he started, and insisted on outputting blogs.

Bless him to keep growing!