Go or Stay

Today I was asked again to prepare go abroad (out of China) next year. Maybe most of early members and founders will come to different countries as well. It’s super cool to go abroad freely, but I’m not alone now, I have the new family.

I need to make a decision on this: go or stay.

I have worked with team for nearly 3 years: from only 2 founders to nearly 50 members across several countries. I’m in charge of the Global Team and most people tell me we did great (more than expected) but I know I should not be the key person to avoid team growing.

I remember in the middle of March, 2022, I asked Ming that if I left API7.ai what would happen to the Global Team? I got my expected answer that he would lead the team because we’re moving forward to a global company.

I deeply connect with API7.ai, most of people can’t understand why, they can’t figure out my feelings with team. We work together from very early beginning.

I’m building my family with Jun. She hopes to stay close with family, with her mother and father. We’re 100% different on many things, even my mother is wondering that why we both can connect more than 6 years and even build a family.

Mother told me that there will come a new choice, but for me the answer is clear as always: family is the most important thing to me. I haven’t decided what to do yet, there still have several months to think about this.