Addicted to Work

It’s hard to leave rest work until tomorrow for me, such case has been several years since 2015 🙂

Nearly everyone thinks I’m crazy and addicted to work, but some of them know I just enjoy working, and I am achieving high-level objectives, though it’s really sometimes tired, especially recently.

Yesterday my girlfriend talked to me seriously, I can’t live only for work. I know family is the first priority in my life because only family can always “work” with you. Even though I know this from the beginning, I spent time on working always: every day, no matter Saturday or Sunday or work day and even in holiday, I work day and night.

I’m sure most of my colleagues know this, but I never work for them, only for myself because I enjoy talking to potential users, helping community users, and trying to help CEO and other members when they need my help.

But I also know I need to change. At the end of next month, I will build a new family with my girlfriend, I should spend more energy to build my family instead of working day and night.

It’s hard to happen something unexpected in work if I choose to do something tomorrow, I know this point and I also know things will get much better because I could make it more serious after several hours relaxing. I hope I could be relaxing, but it’s a little hard to turn from busy work to relax.