Excited on Sales

  1. Not easy to do sales: It spends much much time discussing with potential customers. They can reject the agreement in the last step, all things are unsure.
  2. What values we could take to customers? How to let them understand and feel the value we take to them? How to let them not think the product and services are cheap and can be replaced easily?
  3. Connect Sales and R&D are not easy. In a remote environment, Clear Requirements Document is super important: Background, Requirements, Solution Design, TODO, etc.
  4. Knowing your customers, taking time to understand what they need. Consider how your message impacts them? How they feel? How they look? E.g., Prepare a slide that catch your customer’s eyes in the first meeting. (Word of Mouth)
  5. To be certain of a small set of things rather than uncertain of a large set of things.
  6. How to convert leads to buyers?
  7. Customers need a total solution, rather than a single component.
  8. Why Customers choose a not ready (just like a demo) product?
  9. Running a company consumes a lot: not only your business, but also Tax, Accounting, etc. And we have to pay services/people even when we don’t have any revenue.